About US

Dedication to Customers and Innovation Since 1998

Texas Irons was founded in 1998 as a manufacturing company specializing in unique outdoor cooking supplies. At that time our only product was the personalized steak branding iron! Over the years we've added a few things here and there, but we continue to grow and build on the idea we had many years ago. Our line of BBQ branding irons includes our original Classic style, HeatBacker style, the Interchangeable Branding Iron Set, Blacksmith style and our newest idea, the "Switchable Branding Iron" sets.

At Texas Irons we realize that guys are very hard to buy gifts for. Most of the time they already have every gadget under the sun. Based on what we hear from satisfied customers we've hit on a product that always gets smiles when given as a present. Many of our phone orders start off with "Oh my, this is such a fun product that I never knew existed."

When we think back to our earlier years in business our rally cry was very basic. "People are proud of their barbecue". Why not give them products that can help them show off that pride? Why else would some cooks spend days marinating, or take time to carefully prepare special family rub recipes? (Good luck trying to wrangle secrets away from those hard-nosed chefs!) The dedication was always there. The only thing missing was a way to bring this pride to the table. Our products allow each outdoor chef to take pride in the meal that they create for friends and family. Our family owned company has filled orders all over the world. From celebrities and royalty to large corporations, our unique outdoor products are a great addition to any backyard chef's tool set. Now here we are, over 10 years later and still shipping this crazy idea all over the U.S. and other parts of the world. Our offices are located on a stretch of the Chisholm Trail, about 700 yards away from the actual "Round Rock" for which the Austin suburb is named. (Historical trivia: This rock originally served as an identifier for a shallow area that was a safe crossing on the Brushy Creek.)

Thank you for the wonderful job on the branding irons, they will make the perfect wedding gifts! Deidrea Harris Satisfied Customer